Exporting student reviews

If like me you’ve tried to find the export button to download reviews from your Thinkific account, you probably wondered where is it, or why there is not even an option. While Thinkfic may enable this in the future, here is a quick way to export all of your student reviews into a spreadsheet. The good news is that you don’t need to contact a Thinkific expert, it’s easy and doesn’t require any complicated tools.

1. Browse your course landing page

Open your favorite web browser and go to your course landing page, for example, http://myschool.com/courses/mycourse.
Then right-click somewhere on the page and select View page source. Here is how to do it with Chrome:

A new tab will open where you will see the code of the webpage. Nothing to be worried about!
Press Ctrl + F to look for a string within the page, and type CDATA to find it on the webpage.

The next step is to select the line of code, just underneath CDATA that starts with {“@context”:”http://schema.org”… If you double-click on this line of code, it should select it all and you can then Ctrl + C to copy it.

2. Create a JSON file

At this stage, you’ve actually copied all the student reviews from the course you chose in step 1. The only challenge is that they are not easy to read, so let’s fix that.
Open a Text Editor (like Notepad), paste the line of code you previously copied, and save your file as reviews.json

The great thing about Thinkific is that all student reviews are formatted using JSON Structured Data which allows them to be displayed in Google and allows us to reformat them since it is a standard.

3. Convert your JSON to Excel

To make our reviews easy to read, go to https://www.convertcsv.com/json-to-csv.htm
Switch to the “Choose File” tab, and click on the Choose File button.

Select the file reviews.json you previously created and finally click on the button JSON to Excel. Note that it can take a bit of time for the process to complete, especially if you have several hundred reviews to format.

4. Access all your reviews!

A file named reviews.xlsx will be downloaded. Simply open it to see all your reviews, formatted in a way you can filter, copy, and do pretty much whatever you want with them 🤩

Note that the rating given by your student will be in the column “reviewRating/ratingValue“.

You can now follow the same process for any other course you need to export your reviews from!

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